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Clan WOS, the Well of Souls Gaming Clan, still proudly carries on the Quake2 LOX legacy created by the infamous LoX Clan.  The LOX mod remains one of the most extreme blends of extensive weaponry and custom game features ever to grace the Q2 landscape.

The Q2:LOX mod is now maintained and updated by QwazyWabbit, with occasional contributions from LoX coding legend TheLopez and clan founder Phlem. Windows LOX mod DLL's, Linux LOX mod .so files, and Lox game content (including many WOS-created maps, textures, and sound files) are available here.  

Come frag awhile at .  You can view server status, including the current map and players, in the upper right portion of this page.  If no one is on the server, then be the first one on and give the other lurkers a reason to jump in!  Our map list is updated regularly.  You can also switch to any of several thousand maps without having RCON access.  Simply type "vote map MAPNAME" in the console.  This will initiate a server map vote for all players.  Other players can respond by typing "yes" or "no".  If a majority is reached, the map will change.   If you are playing solo, no other votes are needed: your map vote command will launch the new map automatically.  If the server switches in a map you do not have loaded locally, the new map and texture/sound/env files will download to your machine.

It's hard to believe we have been doing this so long, but after fifteen years, it's still all about the fun.  We remain an all-ages gaming clan.  We are here to promote a positive gaming environment.  Yes, we do hunt llamas free of charge! In addition to Quake 2, we also play a number of other recent, legacy, and specialty games, including BF3.  Enjoy our servers, forums, and other resources, masterfully facilitated by our fine crew.

Drop by and give us a "like":
Join our new new WOS Steam Group and help us get it going.  Some cool resources to be had.  Let  Greaper know if you need an invite to get connected.  
It's that time again.  Send a buck or a twenty via PayPal using the link on the main page. 

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Many have been asking: What happened to Deacon's Tomb?  Are the files gone forever?  Deacon retired his site and put up the domain for sale.  We wish him well with that.

We have established an FTP server to make the content from the site available to our friends in the gaming community. You can find it here:



The site allows two simultaneous connects per download IP address and a max download rate of 500 KBps for files above 1 MB.  Compatibility with directory fetch programs like wget has been successfully verified.

Let us know if you have any problems with the site or its contents.

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Our noise is not quite as loud as in days of yore, but our server still runs and our frags still sting!

Drop on in Loxophilia ( on Wednesday nights to shake the dust off of those old weapon binds.  Map vote for your favorite levels of yesterday.   Kill old friends and new.  Of course the server is open any time, but we'd love to see folks during the 5 PM (Pacific) to 9 PM zone especially.  This gives our east coast players a chance to connect before midnight as well.  Lox warriors are encouraged to get screenshots and post them on the forums.

 We hope to see you there!  

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